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Rebuilt MOOC

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About This Course

As the world is under climate crisis, REBUILT MOOC provides a unique opportunity to bring together a diverse academic and professional multinational audience to synergistically teach and learn about doing business under climate pressure. This climate change educational program provides comprehensible and accessible information and knowledge to the community by presenting this knowledge in a friendly way. 

REBUILT MOOC is addressed to: 

  • Higher Education students from a wide range of disciplines for which climate knowledge is essential, i.e., earth sciences, law, economics, social and political sciences, and engineering, who will be future entrepreneurs, business leaders and employees, and need this knowledge to support a green business/social responsibility profile and 
  • Professionals from business areas, including finance, manufacturing, engineering, and others, and independently from their background knowledge companies that aspire to be innovative and are willing to re-engineer the way they do business. 
  • Social, and environmental professionals need to enrich their climate-wise knowledge to improve their ability to collaborative action change, foster inclusion and contribute to a circular economy.
  • Training is provided by academic and business experts and will include peer engagement and upskilling via innovative learning tools. 
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What you'll learn

  • Knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Earth’s climate system, its variability, and trends
  • Ability to understand and interpret the ways in which climate affects human activity and vice versa
  • Current scientific knowledge related to adaptation and mitigation strategies; training and practice on the available tailored tools for impact assessments, focusing on the impacts that affect businesses and the economy
  • Information on how climate scientists estimate future climate conditions, what the uncertainties associated with future projections and how they integrate them into adaptation and mitigation processes
  • Competence in innovative business models towards fighting climate crisis and on the significance of collaborations engaging key people and processes
  • Understanding of how climate change scenarios are used for transforming current business plans and designing future policies towards climate resilience
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The course is structured in 4 modules:

Module 1 “Understanding climate system and why it’s under pressure”, provides a comprehensive introduction to the processes that determine the variability and change of the Earth's climate system and the observed signals in the anthropocene.

Module 2 “Facing the impacts” presents the impacts of climate change on the environment and on human activities. Then, the approaches for adaptation strategies and mitigation policies towards sustainable development are introduced. 

Module 3 “Getting a taste of the future” explains the basics of climate models and projections, climate change scenarios and model results, uncertainties of future projections, the global role of IPCC. Interviews with professionals provide sample stories of companies that have taken their first steps towards a more sustainable model operation.

Module 4 “Reengineering business to deal with the crisis”, investigates the options, possibilities, and opportunities towards innovative business models to face the climate crisis and the reengineering of business processes as a response to climate change. 

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Meet your instructors

Assistant Professor of Business Policy University of the Aegean
Marie Toft
Program Manager sustainability and green transition Programmes,

UCL University College.

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